of the CcS Marketplace

The Cryptocoin Start (CcS) Marketplace is the global Vendor Marketplace that was built by MUXE BV. the CcS Marketplace is the most important valued aspect of the MUXE Project and is the most scale-able Marketplace Engine that was built inside the CcS CMS.

Benefits of the CcS Marketplace:

1. User-Friendly & Healthy Environment
2. Easily Navigated
3. Products & Services for all your needs
4. Affiliate programmes
5. Unique 
6. Helpful toolkits
7. Secure 
8. Directly, P2P
9. Multiple options for the layout & design can be customized

The CcS Marketplace is a platform that provides a mainframe to Vendors that want to carefully enter the modern and future world of online transacting. With that, there are a very little amount of vendors who prefer receiving cryptocurrencies over FIAT.

For the majority of Vendors, it is, however, the other way around and they might be willing to experiment accepting Cryptocurrencies as a payment solution but only for a particular product line or niche market.