to use the CcS Marketplace

How to use CcS Marketplace:

Using the CcS Marketplace is as simple as signing up on one of the associated marketplace websites ( for example ). After you have signed up and logged in you can immediately start browsing for products or services or start selling yourself.

With an easily navigated Marketplace that can help even the average users to find their needs adopting latest technology on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps. With these tools, it will help the user to make important decisions better in a secured platform that w ill also use peer to peer connections during several occasions.

For those that do not know what Peer 2 Peer means it is an connection that goes directly from one user to another without crossing a third party or in this case service provider. All though MUXE BV is the provider of the Platform several functionalities may allow users to interact without any involvement of MUXE BV or in some cases any third party service providers that MUXE BV is dealing with.