is CcS Marketplace

What is the CcS Marketplace?
The Cryptocoin Start (CcS) Marketplace is the global vendor marketplace developed by MUXE B.V. The CcS Marketplace is the most important valued aspect of the MUXE Project and is the most scaleable Marketplace engine that was built within the CcS Content Management System (CMS).

More specifically, the CcS Marketplace is the Global Branded Version of our Marketplace and allows other markets to be connected on top of it such as MUXE MARKET.
Services like muxe.online, lomostar.online, reddcoin.online and other similar Networks are also built on top of the CcS CMS, and are therefore completely cross-compatible with the CcS Marketplace and CcS Social Network.

Why should I as a Vendor, use the CcS Marketplace?
The CcS Marketplace is a platform that provides a mainframe to Vendors that want to carefully enter the modern and future world of online transacting. With that, there are a very little amount of vendors who prefer receiving cryptocurrencies over FIAT. For the majority of Vendors, it is, however, the other way around and they might be willing to experiment accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment solution but only for a particular product line or niche market.

For those the CcS Marketplace will be the perfect place to have many unique ways of interacting with new potential customers, optimizing your brand and products by a broad variety of high quality professional tools which are provided by amazing third party providers and are cross-connected via API's and Overlay Frames to support an easy process all the time were necessary.

Can I connect my own Payment Gateway Merchant API to the CcS Marketplace?
Yes, for those who want to experiment with more options on our platform, we will provide the possibility to connect your own Payment Gateway Merchant API Keys to allow transacting on our platform to go directly via your own Payment Provider.

How Can I Connect this API?
For this, you will, however, require to obtain a CcS Pro Package in order to unlock the feature of integrating your own payment gateway partner to allow payments to be received directly in your Payment Gateway providers dashboard.

When will this feature be able and functional?
During the pilot period, it will not be possible to connect your Payment Gateway Provider API Keys yet. However, this functionality is currently in development and is expected to be integrated across all of the networks associated with our CcS Platform somewhere between Q3 and Q4 of 2019.

The CcS Marketplace has four (4) Master Categories based on Supply and Demand.

These 4 categories are the following ones:

[Marketplace] | [Digital Market] | [Services] | [Digital Services]

These 4 Master categories will all contain their own list of Categories and currently support the following Categories:

This list will be added in the near future.