of CORE Browser

How many internet browsers do you know? We bet you can name at least three, if not more! Which browser are you using at the moment? And better yet, why did you choose to use the browser that you are currently using?

We want to introduce you to CORE Browser. Compared to other internet browsers, CORE has some unique benefits that other browsers just don't have.

  • CORE Browser doesn't collect your data
    Yes, you read that right! Many other popular browsers collect data for marketing purposes. Collecting data is great for marketers, but not as a user. How annoying is it when you see those pair of shoes that you clicked on last week, have already purchased or simply disliked, and suddenly you see them flash up in advertisements on every website you browse thereafter? Especially when those shoes are not relevant anymore in your life. If you aren't a fan of these pesky so-called retargeting advertisements, CORE Browser is your new best friend. CORE simply does not collect your data. So say "Goodbye!" to tracking cookies that follow you everywhere.
  • Browse up to two times (2x) faster with CORE Browser
    As previously mentioned, CORE Browser does not collect one bit of data from you while browsing. Not being tracked online means no embedded cookies, and no cookies mean that browsing the internet provides up to a 2x faster browsing experience when compared to using a regular browser. We all know time is money, so the time you save while using CORE can be used to follow up a business lead, gather your resources quicker or allow you to finish your work quickly so you can spend more time with the ones you love.
  • CORE Browser makes your internet life much easier
    When you are a heavy internet user or use the internet with the intent for private or business purposes, using the internet can become quite chaotic - especially when you have lots of plugins installed or have multiple online programs that you are using. Most browsers don't offer a function that makes you be able to categorize all these kind of tools.

Aside from these massive benefits, what if we told you that CORE Browser really does makes your life less chaotic? The print screen below shows just how easy it is to categorize all of your favorite tools. You can make your own labels such as private and business, and access specific tools relating to graphics, online, marketing, shopping and cryptocurrency.

  • Say "Hello!" to the clean user interface design of CORE Browser
    The clean and minimalistic design of CORE. Minimalistic design means less distraction of the thing you are doing, so more focus and time efficient browsing.
  • CORE Browser supports your favorite Chrome Extensions
    Another huge benefit of CORE Browser is that it supports your favorite Chrome extensions. We know that lot's of internet users have Chrome as their favorite browser. We completely understand that, so that is why we made our browser compatible with those extensions so that you don't have to miss them.
  • Is CORE Browser user-friendly?
    Yes, it is. Because CORE Browser has a clean interface and an intuitive way of navigating you will automatically what you are looking for.
  • In what way is CORE Browser a unique concept?
    Most other browsers collects data about what you are doing on the internet such as which sites did you visit, how much time did you spend on that website, what have you done on that website and after they use that data via remarketing and try to sell you a product or they use it to improve their website. Also, the clean interface is unique and makes browsing really intuitive in a way you have never experienced before in your online. Actually, we could talk for ages in what way Core Browser is unique, but we suggest you download and install the browser and find out yourself how easy it is to use and navigate easily.
  • What are the toolkits that are being used within CORE Browser?
    Whether you use CORE Browser for business or private, for both uses you have probably use some plugins to make your browsing sessions more effective. CORE Browser supports those plugins like you are used too plus we support some other great tools you might like too such as PhotoPea to edit all your photo's.The nice thing about adding your own tools is that you get your own sort of custom made browser. A browser that fits to your specific needs. Everything you need is there and for what you don't need, you simply don't add. Easy as that - Perfect!
  • Can you drag and drop in CORE Browser?
    Yes, you can. This functionality is referred to as "MultiTabs".
  • Is CORE Browser secure?
    Absolutely. CORE Browser only gets unlocked after logging in with your CcS account otherwise only the browse functionality is unlocked and available for use. No ad trackers are built in which makes it less approachable to crawlers, and no user-based trackers can be found in sight (we couldn't even trace the number of users even if we wanted to!).

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