Will MUXE be acting as a real estate broker or notary services?

Anyone can list their home or space on the MUXE Market as an individual. But we also provide the option for Brokers to list their properties on the platform. (Individuals can seek Brokers as well to optimize the success of their purchase of sale.)

So your platform will connect through exchange api to determine the cost of the product? What if i return product x because of some reasons, will i get the same number of muxe tokens back?

There can be applied many different ways to realize this. One way would be to get access to the API information from CMC another way would be to indeed integrate with an Exchange that provides these opportunities. One way would be to get access...

What is the experience of the team with real estate. There seems to be no experience in the team. How are you going to establish a platform for real estate without any experience in that field?

We have partners in SEAsia who are in the property business for more than 25 years. Their business in real estate includes management, sales, rental and construction of class A houses, luxury apartments to warehousing. They have been in business...

If you purchase an item you have to sent the muxe tokens to an address on the muxe website

You are not forced into that matter as people can decide where they want to store their MUXE tokens. We will however in the future as mentioned by "Ghost" provide our own alternative products which users then can choose to use their free will.

Can I buy my office supplies with MUXE tokens?

Yes that is correct, This is one of the goals of the MUXE Platform and Token.