is CORE CloudSpace

What is CORE CloudSpace?

CORE CloudSpace provides high quality cloud web hosting for your data files. Having the ability to store files online is becoming a daily requirement, and being able to access your files when you need them is therefore a necessity. CloudSpace provides you with a professional interface to store and manage your files properly and securely, ensuring ease-of-use and accessibility on all of your devices when you require them.

Why was CORE CloudSpace created?

CORE CloudSpace was initially created to serve as a backbone for the data management of internal networking between MUXE founders, team members, ambassadors and early investors.

How are CORE CloudSpace and MUXE Master Whitepaper related?

CORE CloudSpace is also an underground for the MUXE Master Whitepaper, an interactive document containing all information regarding the MUXE Project and any further information associated with MUXE token or the products and services provided by MUXE B.V.

CORE CloudSpace - Pricing

CORE CloudSpace is also available to all members of the public that may need a quick solution for simple data storage with an easy and clean interface. The CORE CloudSpace provides to its users a generous 1000 Megabytes (1 GB) per month for free.

Upgrades start from just €1.00 per month (1 EUR/month) for 10 Gigabytes (10GB), and includes many different pricing plans available to suit all types of customer needs. Whilst the data storage of CORE CloudSpace has a primary focus of storing data relevant to the MUXE Platform and services, one may use the CORE CloudSpace in any manner they see fit.

The current pricing plans available for additional CORE CloudSpace storage are:

10 Gigabytes (10 GB) for €1.00/month
30 Gigabytes (30 GB) for €3.00/month
60 Gigabytes (60 GB) for €5.00/month
100 Gigabytes (100 GB) for €7.00/month
250 Gigabytes (250 GB) for €12.00/month
375 Gigabytes (500 GB) for €17.00/month