Features of MUXE Toolkit


MUXE ONLINE is the social media platform that connects all MUXE products and services to its community members. MUXE ONLINE has many advantages over other social media for both premium and free accounts.

What are the differences between free and premium MUXE ONLINE accounts?

New members to the platform receive free "Premium plan" functionality for a limited period of time. Once the initial Premium plan period has expired, your account will revert to the free account, where you can still enjoy many of the same benefits provided to subscribed premium account users.

Additionally, Premium plans offered by MUXE ONLINE are tiered, meaning that users are able to subscribe for premium account features tailored to their specific needs.

What are the benefits of a premium MUXE ONLINE account?

MUXE ONLINE premium members have the ability to boost posts and pages that they like or are a part of. This helps pages and posts grow faster based on increased exposure to more community members.

[[Premium plans available: Coming Soon]]

How to I get access to the MUXE ONLINE social media platform?

Another benefit of MUXE ONLINE is that it is connected to all social media associated with the CcS Network developed by MUXE B.V. This means for example, that domains such as, and can have their own diverse branding and content, but still remain connected amongst the same users, groups, pages, and posts.

What are the differences between MUXE ONLINE associated websites?

Each network has its own webpages, content, and branding. Projects can then be modularly added to these networks to help grow the communities, keep communities in sync, or get communities involved with other networks on the MUXE ONLINE Global Social Media Networking Platform.