Where can I register for MUXE ONLINE?
In order to use MUXE ONLINE you need a Cryptocoin Start (CcS) account which you can register directly on or any other connected domain to our network setup. After you have registered you can use your login details and enter them on the website in order to login and access the network.

Registration Guide

  • Create an account and check your email for the verification mail.
  • When you log in for the first time you will get options to change your profile information such as your showing name, profile picture, etc. you can choose to fill this in immediately or to do it in a later stadium.
  • At the right top, you will find a few options including,
    • Friend suggestions/invites, Messages, Notifications & Settings.
  • At the left main menu, you will find a few topics including,
    • Real Estate, for all real estate related products & services on our platform.
    • (MUXE.Online), Social media platform where you can post, create groups, chat with friends via private message's, create pages, browse for events and more.
    • (www.MUXE.Market), the digital/physical Marketplace to sell/buy/search for the products/services you need.
    • (, to watch your favorite videos, listen to your favorite music and many more.
    • MUXE Toolkit, all kind of useful tools to help you with your needs.
    • MUXE Token, the page with all the information you need to know about the MUXE token.
    • MUXE Wiki, also known as our Knowledgebase with the Most frequently asked questions, terms & conditions and privacy policy.
    • MUXE Wear, Our merchandise webshop with all kind of nice MUXE clothes, mugs and many more.
    • CcS Networks, List of all networks included at the CryptocoinStart master engine.

What can I do at MUXE ONLINE?
Once you are logged in you will be granted full access to the Social Media Network and then have the ability to connect with other users that are connected on the network.

Is there a tutorial or walkthrough for MUXE ONLINE?
Once you are logged in there will be a simple tutorial to help you get on your way on the platform. You can upload an display image to customize your profile and fill in your user details such as preferences or MUXE Public Wallet Address. Once you have completed the basic account setup you will see a wall of global activities from other users who are also on the network.