MUXE ONLINE was created to connect the MUXE Community to the CcS Global Social Media Networking Platform (Which was also founded by MUXE BV). By building MUXE ONLINE we introduced the first branded version of the CcS Global Social Media Networking Platform as a mock-up of our future vision.

By now the MUXE ONLINE Platform has grown in an unique social media concept which was build all around the pairs of MUXE. The biggest advantage is that the MUXE ONLINE Platform isnt limited to just MUXE ONLINE and may be expanded to other platforms such as LOMOSTAR ONLINE or REDDCOIN ONLINE. Any Social Media Network or project that would like to combine forces can be attached on top of our Social Media Network to grow the capacity of their business by focusing on their business.

Users on the MUXE ONLINE Platform can interact with other users and earn points while doing so. These points may later be converted into MUXE Tokens or other assets that will become available in the Point Redeem Shop.

To ensure a stable conversion and manageable situation the Point Redeem Shop will not be Peer to Peer or Blockchain related. Collected points may be redeemed via our platform but will go through a manual verification process at all times to ensure none of the points were redeemed against our Point Redeem Policies.