Web Edi

What is WEB-EDI?

WEB-EDI was developed with the sole purpose of providing a faster way of developing around the MUXE Ecosystem, and to provide team members with a useful resource kit that will allow them to reach more results while spending less time.

Where would I use WEB-EDI?

WEB-EDI was essentially useful for the preparation of email templates, mockup preparations and experimenting with different concepts to experiment the best solution for different parts and pieces of the platform.

Where can I find WEB-EDI?

Although WEB-EDI is no longer supported due to the introduction of the MUXE Toolkit which is available inside the Core Browser.

Who developed the CORE Browser?

CORE Browser was developed by a variety of developers who are either internally involved in the project or were outsourced during the process to share their knowledge and expertise.

What combines CORE Browser and WEB-EDI?

The CORE Browser was originally made to improve the functionality of WEB-EDI and the MUXE Master Whitepaper. However, the possibilities and functionalities of the CORE Browser have expanded so quickly that it is now a Full Stack Web Browser for End Users and Modern Developers.

Why would I use CORE Browser?

The CORE Browser comes with an Administration panel which allows us to update the browser seamless and efficient without any obstructions towards the users of CORE.

What are the features of WEB-EDIi

WEB-EDI is fully integrated inside the Core Developer Tool Section (MUXE TOOLKIT). Especially Content Creators, Programmers & Developers, Marketeers and Online e-commerce owners will experience many benefits from the build in WEB-EDI functionalities inside the CORE Browser.

Additional ways to use WEB-EDI

For those that do not want to download the CORE Browser, we have prepared web.corebrowser.com which serves as a web-based CORE Browser for those that do not have any access to their own desktop. This is extremely useful for those that are in a public work area, library or school/university.

Why is WEB-EDI integrated with CORE Browser?

WEB-EDI was integrated into the CORE Browser to improve the life results of its users with an unseen innovation in terms of navigation and integration possibilities towards the community members.