Features of premium of web edi

WEB-EDI | What is it?
WEB-EDI has no premium features and is an entirely free to use web-based bootstrap layout editor. WEB-EDI was originally created to help developers to bring their concepts to fruition faster.

It is worth noting however that WEB-EDI is no longer supported as a standalone, and all its features are now fully integrated inside the MUXE TOOLKIT - one of the primary functions of the CORE Browser.

WEB-EDI | Why is it used?
The WEB-EDI Framework was used to create a variety of base layouts that were used as mockups or demo phases of the software and web services that we have introduced towards our community over the past few months.

WEB-EDI | What can you do with it?
The WEB-EDI editor allows you to export Bootstrap layouts within minutes after you have created them, and provides several mockups for those who are unsure of how to start from scratch.