is Web Edi

What is WEB-EDI?

WEB-EDI is a part of the MUXE Modern Developer Program. WEB-EDI was the first supported initiative to make modern development more easy and efficient. WEB-EDI began as a bootstrap layout editor for involved team members within the MUXE Project. Consequently, WEB-EDI continued to grow its purpose as team members were looking for new and efficient ways to improve the workflow process.

Is WEB-EDI compatible with CORE Browser?

At MUXE B.V we are big believers of working smarter and innovating harder. At this current point in time, WEB-EDI is an integrated part of the MUXE TOOLKIT found within the CORE Browser, which is owned by MUXE B.V & Core Business International B.V. The web browser is a cross collaborated product between MUXE B.V and Core Business International B.V, and was designed by a variety of developers.

The vision of CORE was originally derived from MUXE B.V CEO Jaimy de Vries, who has worked with many great developers from Europe, USA and Asia in order to realise the CORE product suite as it is today.

Can the old standalone WEB-EDI still be used?

WEB-EDI no longer supported as a standalone editor, and is now completely integrated for use inside CORE. The original WEB-EDI Bootstrap may still be located and used, but is no longer maintained for new updates.