What is the MUXE Toolkit?

The MUXE TOOLKIT is a user-friendly dashboard that primarily integrates third-party web-based editors to provide helpful tools to facilitate and optimise the workflow of its users.

Why was the MUXE TOOLKIT created?

The MUXE TOOLKIT was originally created to serve the MUXE team members in order to work smarter rather than harder. By combining all the tools one would need in a carefully structured categorisation. The MUXE TOOLKIT is an extension to your life and skills by simply allowing you to access all of the tools you could possibly need available at one time.

Is MUXE the owner of these tools?

No, since we are using third-party tools and have simply prepared them inside our MUXE TOOLKIT menu, you should remember at all times that most of the tools and services are not owned by MUXE. The MUXE TOOLKIT is simply a backbone that extends your capacity in a short period of time by allowing you to access these tools with ease and load them internally inside the CORE Browser, CORE Mobile (for Mobile Supported Editors) and CORE ONLINE. As a result, this allows users to interact with these tools and services on top of the CcS Network alongside the CORE brand.


CORE ONLINE is fully compatible (and interacts seamlessly with) all other CcS Networks, which include but is not limited to: