There are so many amazing tools out there for free, however so little of them are truly being utilised to extract their maximum potential. due to how the modern market is functioning we decided to share our resources with the world.

The MUXE TOOLKIT combines a variety of useful tools, widgets, editors and plugins to combine the best of the free internet in one resourceful library.

Although most tools currently require an internet connection, MUXE plans over time to establish as many potential partnerships with great tools, widgets, editors or plugins to provide a native build in backbone for users who want to optimize their results at the highest capacity.

The MUXE TOOLKIT was originally created to speed up processes within the MUXE Organisation and has envisioned to be an amazing pack for the worldwide web to explore.

Through a variety of distribution models the MUXE TOOLKIT shall be introduced throughout CORE Desktop, CORE Mobile, CORE Web, MUXE ONLINE and MUXE MARKET.

in order to start using the MUXE TOOLKIT, simply sign up muxe.online or download and access CORE on mobile or desktop. The MUXE TOOLKIT can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on what platform you are trying to access them from.

Access MUXE TOOLKIT via muxe.online

When trying to access MUXE TOOLKIT via muxe.online, simply navigate to MUXE TOOLKIT on the left side of the navigation menu and select the tool you wish to use.

Access MUXE TOOLKIT via CORE Mobile

When using CORE Mobile, click on the menu button in the top and scroll to MUXE TOOLKIT and choose any of the preferred tools you wish to explore.

Access MUXE TOOLKIT via CORE Desktop
If you are trying to access MUXE TOOLKIT via CORE Desktop, you may notice that there is a toolkit button located in the upper left corner of the CORE Browser. Please keep in mind that this requires you to log in first before the system will allow you to access the MUXE TOOLKIT on the CORE Browser.

Different tools might be available at different devices due to portability, scalability and integration requirements. All though we are striving to make tools, widgets, editors and plugins as accessible as possible.