CloudSpace Benefits

CORE CloudSpace: The convenient solution for your daily file storage and accessibility

CORE CloudSpace has been fully integrated into the distribution models, platforms and websites related to the CORE Services. CORE CloudSpace is also completely compatible with the MUXE Platform and is therefore a very convenient solution for quick file storage.

Benefits of CORE CloudSpace

CloudSpace was mostly made for content creators and marketers that want to have their data for their creations within an arms reach at all times.

Some of the benefits of CORE CloudSpace include:

  • 1 Gigabytes (1GB) of free CORE CloudSpace storage
    When users sign up for CORE CloudSpace, they immediately receive 1GB of storage space - absolutely free!
  • Affordable CORE CloudSpace packages
    CORE CloudSpace has packages available starting at 1 Euro per month and has competitive pricing models that are relevant yet more affordable in terms of the current market.
  • CORE CloudSpace integration within CORE Browser
    CORE CloudSpace is available inside the CORE Browser and can be easily accessed via the cloud button located to the upper left. In its current release as of 15/05/2019, it will have an overlay integration. In the near future, CORE CloudSpace will have a Drag & Drop Zone incorporated inside our platform integrated services.
  • CORE CloudSpace integration inside CORE Mobile
    CORE Mobile (The mobile adjusted version of CORE Browser) also exhibits integrated support for the CORE CloudSpace. This will allow mobile users to log in with their CloudSpace credentials via the CORE Mobile App at any time or place.
  • CORE CloudSpace integration inside the CcS Platform
    CORE CloudSpace will also be available on top of the CcS Networks and will therefore unlock its expansion to many included and connected networks that are built on top of the CORE or CcS Framework. Over time, the accessibility of the CORE CloudSpace Platform will expand to a wide variety of niche segments in a bid to provide a backbone to content creators, sales teams and development teams. In doing this, MUXE intend to provide a modern solution wrapped on top of traditional reliable principles of cloud storage.