CORE CloudSpace

CORE CloudSpace was originally developed to provide storage capacity among the team members of the MUXE Project. Even though CORE has been used for the most part as an internal team tool, more and more of our customers have asked if we were able to share our storage solution with their network.

Since we are preparing the majority of the MUXE Master Whitepaper to be accessible and altered by team members via the internet, we decided that CORE CloudSpace will be the solution to build a partial aspect of the MUXE Master Whitepaper.

A variety of documents will be linked to each other via CORE CloudSpace and semi-integrated in additional pieces of code and wrappers to create the first interactive whitepaper of its kind.

The MUXE Master Whitepaper is planned to be released in Q4 of 2019 and will be available through our Support Knowledgebase called the "MUXE WIKI".