What is CORE


What is Core Browser?
Core is an innovative web browser that is easy in use and ready for the future. Your future to be more precise. Core Browser contains high-end, scale-able functionalities. Unique about this browser that it has built specifically to optimize your lifestyle and combine the best of both traditional and modern worlds in the new digital age. You can easily adjust the browser to your needs by adding or removing apps and it works seamlessly with all other Muxe product.

Who invented Core Browser?
CORE BROWSER has been released by MUXE BV & CORE Business International BV.

What is the fundamental of Core Browser?
Core Browser uses Chromium API for browsing. Core was build in cooperation with Eryk Rakowski the creator of the Wexond Browser which is based on REACT and uses the Chromium API for browsing

Watch this video to see how Core looks like. Don't hesitate to download Core after you have watched the video. We are sure you will love it.