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How to use Core Browser?
Core Browser can be used in several ways. Desktop, via your mobile or on your tablet. Just like you are used with other browsers that you are familiar with.

CORE Browser for business use
CORE Browser is a unique browser that fits perfectly for those who use internet business-wise. The big benefit of CORE Browser is that it's super-fast, super easy and you can adapt it to your needs by installing your favorite plugins such as PhotoPea our Photo editor or use the build-in App Builder to create apps very easily via drag & drop. Apps that make fit your customer needs or needs to work more effectively.

CORE Browser for personal use
CORE is perfect for business use but let's not forget it fits perfectly in your personal needs too. Core Browser has a build-in a cryptocurrency wallet. In this wallet, you can store your Muxe tokens for example. If you want to buy something in our Muxe Market, you don't have to search for your hardware Ledger wallet but you can access your Muxe tokens directly in the browser and buy the product that you need.

Other well-known browsers, store your data. They know exactly what kind of products you have watched online. So when you have clicked on a TV, for example, remarketing cookies will show this TV on almost every website you visit after. Super annoying don't you think? Especially when you already bought the TV or decided in the end that you don't need a TV cause our video platform Muxe TV fulfilled your need in this. Core Browser doesn't track and save your online behavior so say goodbye to (tracking) cookies.

To be honest, the options for both business and personal use are endless. You are the pilot of your life and Core Browser helps to follow the path you create. If you have any additional questions regarding the use of CORE Browser, please drop us a message, We are happy to help you.

CORE Desktop Browser
Browse on your laptop or desktop with our CORE Desktop Browser version. It's both compatible with MAC and with Windows.

CORE Mobile Browser
Your new favorite browser is also available for mobile. We support Android and iOS.

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