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How can I activate CORE Premium features?
CORE Premium features can be activated via the Cryptocoin Start (CcS) Pro Plans which can be accessed and activated via any of the CcS connected networks including,,, or any other related access point.

Why use CORE Premium?
One of the benefits for premium members is that they are provided the ability to unlock more features inside their CORE Browser. Currently, this entails greater MultiTab functionality as free users only receive the ability to drag in three (3) external applications. This integrated MultiTab functionality within CORE Browser allows users to drag in desktop applications such as Adobe Tools, Microsoft Tools, Desktop tools or CORE Apps directly into the workspace.

Benefits of a CORE Premium account
Premium members will have the benefit of an even more powerful workspace experience than our free members, although we ensure our free members receive a better experience than that from our competitors in the market.

Use your web browser for more than just the internet!

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Premium Features of CORE