is Explore CORE

What is Core Explore?

Core Explore is an API Fetching Based Search Engine that is connected to the public Web. The Core Explore Search Engine is being used as a native Search Engine inside the Core Browser, Core Mobile App, Core Web and Core Desktop.

Why Core Explore?

The Core Explore and MUXE SearchSeries are also available inside the CcS Engine which is the CMS that is built and owned by MUXE BV to expand our network at an extremely high efficient success rate without the requirement for high operational costs.

How will Core Explore be used?

Core Explore will continue to grow its functionality and essentially have a broad integration with the MUXE Tokens to reward its users for the sole purpose of user adoption.

Where can I find Core Explore?

Core Explore is available on:
https://explore.corebrowser.com and can easily be accessed anywhere.
All our Search Engines have a Random Mood Background Board involved to inspire our daily searchers with hopefully that little extra kickstart they are looking for.