is the MUXE Company

MUXE B.V | CORE International Business B.V

(Both companies owned by our holding)

MUXE B.V and CORE Both have different aspects in the setup since MUXE B.V. was no longer allowed to work with Paypal last year due to our activities with cryptocurrencies so CORE came into life to have its primary focus on the Software as a Service (SaaS) industries we were always planning to approach.

What is MUXE Company?

The MUXE Company name is MUXE B.V, and we are a legally registered company based in the Netherlands. Whilst our Headquarters is also located in the Netherlands, our involved team members are from all around the world and the team is growing and expanding rapidly every week.

When was the MUXE Company found?

The MUXE Company was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of building an amazing network in conjunction with great people in a bid to bring to fruition a variety of visions. More specifically, we have aimed to achieve this by means of growing our vision within its own environment, among its own ecosystem, and with its own set of rules and parameters.

What can we expect from the MUXE Company in the near future?

A lot of great things have already been achieved within the MUXE Network, and many people are happy to see the positive direction in which the project is heading. The MUXE Company is soon expanding with new capabilities, inclusive of innovative products and services that are yet to be revealed.

Additional information about MUXE Company

You can learn more about the MUXE Company at the following webpages:

What does this mean for our focus and goals?

MUXE BV remains its original focus of an EcoSystem for the MUXE Token currency and development of the accessibility of the MUXE Tokens were CORE Business International BV Focus on the expansion and possibilities of user experience optimisation which is a 1 on 1 cross bridge to the MUXE Market ( Which was recently named this way after a variety of team members continued to suggest changing it to MUXE Market) which basically is what muxe.online is but a more logical name for the e-commerce aspects of the platform.

How does the Master Ecosystem work?

Altogether this is where our CcS (CryptocoinStart) CMS comes into place. Its the system that created pointers like muxe.online (or muxe.market) or even cryptocoinstart.com itself in this case. Which are all the same engine, same login for users but simply a different brand and even different menu items matching the appropriate brand which is representing at the particular domain a user is reaching out to?

At which place can I use my CcS Account to login?

When login into core you need a CcS Account ( which basically is your muxe.online account as well) meaning in order to login into CORE you need to have your CcS Account (whether you have registered at muxe.online cryptocoinstart.com or muxe.market all these networks refer back to the same database as they are part of the master engine ( The CcS CMS basically).

We divided this into different segments as following:

1: MUXE Ecosystem and everything related to the muxe brand (whether it is MUXE TV, MUXE MARKET, MUXE ONLINE, MUXE TOKEN ACTIVITIES)

2: CORE (Customer Oriented Reality Experience) to serve both as the distribution model for the products, services and SaaS we have to build, released whether we needed to use them as company to save money or whether they were an important requirement to prepare for our marketplace.

3: CcS (CryptocoinStart) which is the engine that 1: makes everything possible from the marketplace environment itself to the trading aspects of products/services for either fiat or cryptocurrencies)

MUXE Company benefits

1: Muxe tokens will always have a huge benefit on the platform via an access point

2: The SaaS Services we built/own are able to be purchased and accessed on the marketplace directly in a later stage ( meaning you never need to leave the shop)

3: CryptocoinStart is such a massive CMS that it allows us to partner up with anyone, build an internal custom environment with their brand in the existing database to multibrand the network in different ways, with different add-ons.

Is it possible to build my own Marketplace via your company?

Yes, For example you could create thegamemarket.com add it with pointers from our cms to thegamemarket.com to make an entire unique marketplace, only connect the game related categories, users could register on it and still be a part of the cryptocoinstart.com environment which basically 90% of the muxe community has always known as muxe.online (Since we promoted it that way mostly)

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