is MUXE Wallet

What is MUXE Wallet?

The MUXE Wallet is decentralized cryptocurrency storage solution created to hold and send cryptocurrencies around the world. The MUXE Web Wallet was developed with BIP39 security, which means that you can also access your wallet via other ways such as MyEtherWallet (MEW). MUXE B.V does not retain any access to keys from its Web Wallet users.

MUXE Wallet compatible Operating Systems (OS)

The MUXE Wallet is very easy to operate and is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web users. Although the MUXE Token is the main asset that is encouraged to be stored, it is not the only supported currency.

Does MUXE Wallet support Ethereum and ERC-based cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Whilst we are currently expanding our wallet with a variety of other cryptocurrencies, we are currently limiting storage to only include Ethereum and ERC-based currencies at this current point in time.

How is MUXE Wallet secured?

The MUXE Wallet was originally created to make cryptocurrency payments towards community members easier to realise. The MUXE Wallet comes with a variety of securing functionalities. Among these are e-mail registration, 12 word seed phrase, private key, one-way encryption, Client Side Generated Private Key, and a variety of other safety implementations to ensure security to the highest extent.