Why CORE Browser?
Are you the kind of user that always has a multitude of tabs open? Do you have a series of plugins installed into your browser? Using internet like this can be more than exhausting. Where is that tab had open while ordering online groceries before your friend called? How about that colour picker you desperately need to determine the shade of your curtains so that you can be sure you're ordering the right colour of paint for your walls? Forget your current browser. CORE Browser is what you need in your life!

Why do you need CORE Browser in your life?
With CORE Browser it's a piece of cake to browse quickly between all of your tabs without losing overview. Via the Core App Store you are able to use all your favorite plugins such as Amazon, NEST, Pinterest or Google Keep.

  • Sending and receiving files is easy while browsing with CORE
    When you want to send data heavy files to someone, such as a high resolution file to your customers or even a video of your baby taking its first steps to family and friends, all you need to use is the import and export function that has been built in for your ease of use and accessibility. It's as simple as that!
  • Build your own apps with CORE Browser
    You are the pilot of your own life, and you are the one that determines in which direction you need to fly to reach your ultimate destination. Sometimes it's hard to find an App that exactly fulfills your needs, and sometimes you just need to bring your creative talent to the forefront to bring your ideas to fruition. With the Native Development function, it is easy to build your own application that completely fits your needs and makes your life that much easier.

Have any questions or want more information? Please contact us. We are always happy to help you!

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