The MUXE GLOBAL concept was originally created to facilitate the One Stop Service package that MUXE B.V envisions to provide to its community. In order to increase user adoption to our platform, we believe that providing our users with our own frontpage media coverage to provide a competitive edge in relation to our product.

What is the advantage of using MUXE GLOBAL?
The MUXE GLOBAL service will be an advantage to the community of MUXE due to the integration of blockchain technology. Integration of such technology will allow its users to unlock MUXE Tokens by a variety of involved activities and social media reshares or through the affiliate referral of new members.

How can I unlock the MUXE GLOBAL premium section?
MUXE GLOBAL will feature a premium section that can be unlocked with either MUXE Token, other cryptocurrencies or fiat money (Euro, USD, etc.). The purpose of the MUXE Global platform is to provide a useful and reliable news source that is automated and self-sustaining, and most importantly useful to the community members of MUXE.