is the Master Whitepaper

A Framework of the MUXE Ecosystem

The MUXE Master Whitepaper is a compiled document based on in-depth research and reporting that highlights and defines every aspect of the MUXE Project Ecosystem. More specifically, the Master Whitepaper is organised by segment and niche markets and aims to establish the value and need for our token as a form of value exchange within the various ecosystems developed to support consumers, professionals, merchants and suppliers.

MUXE Master Whitepaper Vision for 2019

The vision for the Master Whitepaper 2019 is two-pronged. Firstly, MUXE is of the belief that the scope of the project in it's entirety required a resource hub that served as a place for technical analyses, roadmap updates and informational documentation pertaining to the MUXE Project Ecosystem. As such, the development of this unique document will allow for the company and team members and additional contributors to update and reflect the relevant information with regards to the project's goals both at current and in the future.

Why is the Master Whitepaper so unique?

Although we achieved significant milestones within 2018, we also encountered a range of challenges that reinforced how difficult the market is for our target industry. As a result, we have become strong believers of the need for the MUXE MASTER WHITEPAPER - a new type of Whitepaper that brings together and connects all information we believe is pertinent to the realisation of the project.

What are the future goals of MUXE with the Master Whitepaper?

The goal of MUXE within the Master Whitepaper is to provide a means to establish our token's value within our project's various ecosystems. More specifically, we aim to highlight our token's value with respect to the products and services developed to support business merchants, suppliers, professionals and consumers. It is important that we remain innovative and dynamic to develop the necessary tools and applications for our users.

After several months hard work and contributions from our team and associates, we believe it is a necessary and big step forward towards improving the current real estate related industries and others in the future on how our products can work, utilise and transact for their businesses.

When can the release of the Master Whitepaper be expected?

The "Master Whitepaper 2019" is currently being updated to reflect new project goals, target industry categories, market segmentation needs, evident business opportunities, projected sales revenues and business strategies for 2019.

MUXE Master Whitepaper Index

1. > Master Whitepaper for muxe.io
2. > Core Browser Document (corebrowser.com)
3. > App Builder CMS (Feature available in Core Browser)
4. > CMS Marketplace (muxe.market)
5. > Software as a Service (SaaS) - Online Services for MUXE Tokens
6. > Real Estate Industry Listing Platform (Original Whitepaper)

The MUXE Master Whitepaper will present our latest products and services developed within MUXE. It will provide all of the required information and guides on how each of our products and services function for their respective businesses.

Moving forward into the second half of 2019, we have very exciting announcements to make to our valued partners, members and potential investors. As such, the MUXE Management Team will be updating this document to accurately reflect and present our new brands and assets in MUXE.

Below is a summary of our latest products and services:
- CORE Browser
- CORE Mobile
- MUXE.online
- MUXE.market
- MUXE Wallet
- MUXE Toolkit