the MUXE Master Whitepaper

Why did MUXE make the Master Whitepaper?
MUXE BV Originally proposed the Master Whitepaper to provide a better explanation towards involved team members, investors and community members.

What is the Master Whitepaper?
The Master Whitepaper is a document that exists out of custom prepared information in combination with the interaction between bullet points that are being referred to within the Master Whitepaper

Benefits of the Master Whitepaper
Another advantage of the Master Whitepaper is that it lives online and is expanded via a variety of sourced and user-generated content to provide a self-updating infrastructure towards the future of the MUXE Project.

What can I do with the Master Whitepaper?
Those that are involved can help to define the MUXE Project by accessing different areas within the Master Whitepaper that are either publicly available to everyone or in the comment section which is built around the Master Whitepaper.

How is the Master Whitepaper made and which resources have been used?
The Master Whitepaper exists out of Word Documents, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Powerpoint Templates, Adobe portfolio manager, Reddit, Core CloudSpace, CcS network and a variety of other involved third-party resources to establish the needs of how we envision a self-growing definition of our Whitepaper towards the future.