Features of MUXE Toolkit

24/7 Video Entertainment Stream

MUXE Media TV Channel is the innovative video streaming feed provided exclusively by MUXE B.V. It offers engaging 24/7 video entertainment and features the latest content in music, art, film, gaming, traveling, technology and so much more - all inspired by the latest articles, stories and documentaries.

MUXE Media TV was made as an alternative platform with a primary focus on emerging content creators, professional or not, to share and spread their content beyond mainstream platforms. With the viewership of the wider MUXE Project community in mind, it provides a unique platform and supportive opportunity for any of the content creators that partner us to broadcast their creations to alternative audiences for increased promotion and publicity, whilst delivering consistent on demand streaming entertainment to its users.

Create Quality Content, Share It and Make It Work.

These days, terms such as “quality content” have become somewhat of a buzzword with regards to inbound marketing. Despite emerging overuse of these terms, quality truly does still matter. There is nothing better to attract and retain a "tuned-in" audience than with your creative, original and engaging content.

Whilst quality content is often defined by success, you want to ensure you make the most out of the time, energy and effort invested into your creation. Simply put, published creative works deserve to be seen by as many viewers as possible; and because truly great content is relatively rare - if you are able to create it, you need to make it work!

Generate More Traffic To Your Channel With MUXE TV

The MUXE Media TV system allows published video content to link back to the URL of the creator's original chosen publishing platform. This means that for every video viewed within MUXE Media TV channel, the viewer count is added under the video on the chosen platform originally used to host the content, rather than re-uploaded and added to a standalone viewer count on MUXE Media TV. As a result, content creators are provided an increased chance to have their videos seen by a larger audience as greater visibility (and hence viewer count) for quality content goes hand-in-hand with greater audience traffic.

Accessing MUXE Media TV

To check out or stay up-to-date with the latest video content in an expanding range of MUXE Media TV genres, you can visit:

  • MUXE Media TV On Demand
  • MUXE Core Browser
  • MUXE Core Mobile Application